Video Hyperlinking @ TRECVid-2015

Video Hyperlinking

After running a video hyperlinking benchmark evaluation for a number of years at MediaEval, we are excited to have now an evaluation running on video hyperlinking at TRECVid as well. On the 17th of November 2015, we discussed the results of the evaluation and the plans for next year at the TRECVid workshop in Gaithersburg, US.

Benchmarking the concept of video hyperlinking already started in 2009 with the Linking Task in VideoCLEF that involved linking video to wikipedia material on the same subject in a different language. In 2012, we started a ‘brave new task’ in MediaEval, where we explored approaches to benchmark the concept of linking videos to other videos using internet video from  In 2013-2014, ‘search and hyperlinking’ ran as a regular MediaEval task, this time with a collection of about 2500 hours of broadcast video from BBC instead of internet video.

Thanks to MediaEval we could improve our understanding of the concept of…

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Video Hyperlinking @ ACM Multimedia 2015

Video Hyperlinking

IMG_3739The SLAM Workshop on Speech, Language and Audio in Multimedia, connected to the ACM Multimedia conference and located in Brisbane, Australia this year, had a special session on Video Hyperlinking on Friday the 30th of November 2015. It was a good opportunity to discuss in more detail the results of the MediaEval benchmark evaluation on ‘Searching and Anchoring in Video Archives (SAVA)’ and to look forward to the upcoming 2015 TRECVid benchmark evaluation workshop. Video Hyperlinking became one of the TRECVid tasks this year. More on Video Hyperlinking and TRECVid after the workshop 16-18 November.

IMG_3754At SLAM, there was a session with four presentations on Video Hyperlinking. Benoît Huet (Eurecom) introduced the session with an overview on the topic. The rationale behind video hyperlinking is that it can help to improve access to archived video, a topic that was central to recently finished EU projects AXES and LinkedTV. Benoît provided…

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