Audiovisual Linking: Scenarios, Approaches and Evaluation

The concept of (hyper)linking, well-known in the text domain, has been inspiring researchers and practitioners in the audiovisual domain since many years. On 30th of August 2016, I will talk about audiovisual linking at the 1st International Conference on Multimodal Media Data Analytics (MMDA2016) in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Various application scenarios can benefit from audiovisual linking. In recent years, we have been looking at recommendation and storytelling scenarios for video-to-video linking in the context of the Video Hyperlinking task in the MediaEval and TRECVid benchmark evaluation series, text-to-video linking to support fast access to broadcast archives in news production context, and audio-to-image linking in the context of visual radio. The latter relates to quite a long history of research projects on ‘linking the spoken word’ to related information sources in scenarios that aim for example to assist participants in meetings or to suggest slides during presentations.

I will present some of the approaches we experimented with the past years and zoom in on the process of setting up the video hyperlinking benchmark evaluations we have been running in MediaEval and TRECVid.

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