Using open content for a music video

To create some nice music videos for the songs I created for the new Grafton Music album (preview), I fiddled around with the Open Images repository to create a remix that could work as a music video. My first try was for a song called ‘Lighthouse’. Well yes, after querying for ‘lighthouse’ I indeed stumbled upon some lighthouse related stuff. However, creating something exciting out of the beautiful, but the not really overwhelming amount of lighthouse footage, was quite a challenge. So I could say that it’s about the music and the video is ‘just for entertainment’.  On the other hand, the video somehow has a bit of the ’round-and-round-thingie’ you expect with a lighthouse, especially in the last part of the song.

My second try was for Belle Rebelle, a song by the famous French composer Gounod with lyrics (Jean-Antoine de Baïf ) from the late Middle Ages, put in a modern arrangement. As I wanted to follow the storyline of the song a bit, I tried several keywords such as ‘love’ and ‘beautiful’ but that didn’t quite do it. The keyword ‘fashion’ was the lucky shot that brought me some really cool retro footage that I thankfully ‘remixed’ for the music video. See below some outstanding example stills, or watch the video (and share-if-you-like, thank you).  Or try out yourself and dive into some great fashion content.

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