AV in the spotlight at DH2018

Next year we will have an easy ride to the Digital Humanities Conference as it will be organised in The Netherlands. But this year we’re off to Mexico City to have a “Humanidades Digitales” experience. My first DH conference was in 2011 at Stanford where I presented a poster on “Distributed Acces to Oral History collections: Fitting Access Technology to the Needs of Collection Owners and Researchers” (pdf) based on our experiences with the Verteld Verleden project. I remember I was a bit disappointed that at that time there was not so much interest in Oral History at the conference (and in my poster) nor in audiovisual content as a significant source for scholarly research. Thanks also to the workshops organized at DH in the past years by the AV in Digital Humanities Special Interest Group the topic ‘audiovisual’ in Digital Humanities is emerging. I am very pleased to be able to present our work on the CLARIAH Media Suite at this year’s conference (on Thursday) and show the huge progress the CLARIAH project made in unlocking multimedia content –radio, television, film, oral history, newspapers, contracts, posters and photos– from Dutch archival institutions for scholarly research.



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