Challenges in Enabling Mixed Media Scholarly Research with Multi Media Data in a Sustainable Infrastructure

See below the presentation I gave on 29-06-2018 at the Digital Humanities 2018 Conference, Mexico City, on the development of the Media Suite, an online research environment that facilitates scholarly research using large multimedia collections maintained at archives, libraries and knowledge institutions. The Media Suite unlocks the data on the collection level, item level, and segment level, provides tools that are aligned with the scholarly primitives (discovery, annotation, comparison, linking), and has a ‘workspace’ for storing personal mixed media collections and annotations, and to do advanced analysis using Jupyter Notebooks and NLP tools.

See the notes for the narrative that goes with the slides. The screencasts that were originally in the slides are not included. I will post these later.

The Media Suite is developed in the Dutch CLARIAH Research Infrastructure project by an interdisciplinary, international team of developers, scholars, and information technology specialists, and is maintained at one of the CLARIAH Centers, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

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