Preparing for ICT with Industry 2020 at Beeld en Geluid

ICT with Industry brings together scientists and professionals from industry and governments to work collaboratively on case studies, which are subject to an intense week of analysing, discussing, and modeling solutions. ICT with Industry 2020 will be held from January 20 to 24 in the Lorentz Center in Leiden. On Thursday 9th of January, we had the opportunity to kick-off and prepare the use case from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV) at the premises of the institute in Hilversum. To meet the local R&D team, learn about the institute and its rich archive, and to have a first discussion about the use case and research questions.

The use case NISV brought in this year is related to data research and data journalism. For a number of years now, together with partners in the CLARIAH project, NISV has been working on the development of a research data infrastructure including online environments (such as the Media Suite) that scholars can use for research: search and explore multimedia collections (text, audio, video, images from Sound and Vision, Eye, National Library, KNAW institutes), make comparisons between collections, perform data analyses, collaborate with other researchers, and create virtual personal collections and annotate them. Currently, the infrastructure allows working with collections that have –sort of manually– been selected, prepared and shaped to fit the technical requirements of the data infrastructure. Now that more public information sources are being made available in various formats, facilitating multimedia data analysis and comparison for data researchers and data journalists requires that we need to be able to make such collections accessible far more dynamically in the data infrastructure. So that data researchers and data journalists can easily dive into sources that are most relevant for their topic of interest, using the rich set of tools and facilities that are available in the infrastructure.

After a first brainstorm on the topic at the kick-off and some time to reflect on it the upcoming week, a team of researchers from the universities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Delft and Twente, together with specialists from NISV, will be looking into the matter from many different perspectives: information retrieval, computer vision, crowdsourcing, (hidden) data analysis, interfacing and fact-checking. We are looking forward to a very interesting week at ICT with Industry and will definitely report on its outcomes here. To be continued!

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