Public Events

17-01-2017 – ICT-14/17 ‘Big Data’ Information Days, Luxembourg

16-12-2016 – Search Engines Amsterdam, Universiteitsbibliotheek Amsterdam, Multimodal Search in Video Hyperlinking (presenting)

25-11-2016 – 15th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop, Delft (attending)

14-11-2016 – TRECVid Workshop, Gaithersburg, US (presenting)

26-10-2016 – CLARIN Annual Conference, Aix-en-Provence (attending)

20-10-2016 – MediaEval Benchmark Evaluation Workshop @ Beeld en Geluid (presenting)

16-10-2016 – MMCommons Workshop @ ACMMM, Amsterdam (keynote)

30-08-2016 – First International Workshop on Multimodal Media Data Analytics, Den Haag (keynote)

16-03-2016 – Information Day ICT-19, Brussels

25-02-2016 – Videohyperlinking, MMedia Conferentie, Lisbon (presenting)

02-02-2016 – Cross Media Café Video Formats, over het videohyperlinking project en videostoryXL (presenting)


11-12-2015 – Symposium Photography Research in the Digital Age, Wat levert digitalisering in fotografie op voor … Erfgoedinstellingen, Paradiso, Amsterdam (presenting)

02-12-2015 – PhD Committee Anca-Roxana Simon, “Semantic structuring of video collections from speech : segmentation and hyperlinking”, Rennes, France (committee)

27-11-2015 – Dutch Information Retrieval conference (DIR2015), Amsterdam (attending)

17-11-2015 – TRECVid workshop, Video Hyperlinking benchmark evaluation, Gaithersburg, US (organising)

06-11-2015 – PhD Committee Luit Gazendam,  “Cataloguer Support in Cultural Heritage”, VU Amsterdam (committee)

30-10-2015 – SLAM workshop “Speech, Language and Audio in Multimedia”, Brisbane, Australia (organising)

28-10-2015 – ACM Multimedia, Brisbane, Australia (attending)

13-10-2015 – COMMIT/ Community Days, Papendal (attending)

08-10-2015 – FIAT/IFTA World conference, presentation on “Alternative Access Models in Audiovisual Domain”, Vienna, Austria (presenting)

29-09-2015 – Linked Data Symposium, presentation on “Search, Explore, Connect!”, Hilversum (presenting)

15-09-2015 – TPDL2015 conference, presentation on “Practice-oriented Evaluation of Unsupervised Labeling of Audiovisual Content in an Archive Production Environment”, Poznan, Poland (presenting)

14-09-2015 – MediaEval benchmark evaluation workshop (co-organiser of Search and Anchoring for Video Archives task), Würzen, Germany (organising)

10-06-2015 – SCAIE workshop on “Automatic Metadata Extraction”, EBU, Genève, Switzerland (organising, presenting)

21-05-2015 – FIAT/IFTA workshop, Glasgow, Ireland (attending)

18-05-2015 – LIME workshop at WWW2015, presentation on “Defining and Evaluating Video Hyperlinking for Navigating Multimedia Archives”, Florence, Italy (presenting)

24-03-2015 – ICT Open, AXES demo, Flint, Amersfoort (presenting)

12-03-2015 – Week van Digitaal Erfgoed, Presentatie Beeld en Geluid Labs, Utrecht (presenting)

16-01-2015 – Information Day H2020 on Big Data, Brussels (attending)


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